BeepUS aplikasi Nelfon Gratis Sesama Bengguna Blackberry Mesengger

28 Agustus 2012

BeepUS, Aplikasi untuk saling
berbicara di
BlackBerry® Messenger
Check out the evolution of BBM – BeepUs is a
Push to Talk (PTT) and IM Client.
The Application is BBM™ Connected and checks
your contact list looking for users from BeepUs.
How it works: (Yes, you need the BlackBerry®
Messenger working perfectly)
• Main Screen:
Manage connections (moderated or not), invite
friends to download BeepUs and display your
contacts that have the application previously
• Connection Screen:
Invite a contact and wait for acceptance. Use
convenience keys or space bar to talk or click in
the smile icon to have a bbm style chat.
• Voices
Listen the voices any time on Voices Screen, you
can save your entire conversation like a unique
voice note.
** After installing the new version of BeepUs,
please restart your device. **

(For OS5 & OS6) (For OS7)
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